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There’s a little bit of me in you I see it everyday

The way you hold your head sometimes

And the funny things you say

The looks you get upon your face

The frown lines when you get mad

The smile you show when you see your

Father Because he was my Son before he was your Dad

The way you stick out your tongue when you think

The way that you try to dance

The imaginary thought bubbles above your head

None of these things are just by chance

So one day when it comes that I’m no longer around

I hope you see a little bit of me in you

And remember I will love you forever and a day

You can be sure that this is true

by KMH


I was 50 yrs old when I purchased my first car

She was pearly white with style and a bumper bar

I owned the Toyota Rav for 15 years

Tow bar and boot space and room for the pinking shears

She had gears and determination and never let me down

I never wanted to sell her but time had come around

My Son put her on gumtree with her resume

I gave her a wash and a polish there was not an ounce of decay

A woman from Alex wanted to take a look

So Saturday I drove off to a rendezvous nook

She poked and prodded and looked about

I will take this car for this amount Well!

I was awe struck and could not believe my ears

A hand shake and deposit and the deal was in flight

Just a road worthy and things were right

Monday morning came and it was time to say goodbye

To me the little white Rav was dear and I had a tear in my eye

So many memories with grandchildren and dogs

All went with the little Rav that I just flogged

So now I have a new car but it is not the same

The little white Rav will always remain

A car with no technology that was in my command

It does not ask me questions with press button suggestions

It was clearly just a little white car

by Sharmayne Kurtz


Aged twenty-two – A drifter Little for me in life

I did what every bloke should do I won myself – a wife

We never had a cracker

It was mostly trouble and strife

But someone kept me trying

She was of course – my wife

Seven months of marriage

The first child growing ripe

The bloody war said ‘That’s It’

You have to leave your wife.

The whole damn world was torn apart

Change and misery was rife

But I made it with the backing

Of no one else but – my wife

I set about building houses

With an ego as sharp as a knife

Became a Master Builder

Urged on by – my wife 49 years of marriage

What a wonderful life Would gladly do it all again

But only with the same – wife

Aged 70 and still firing

That ego still sharp as a knife

Who keeps me on the straight and narrow

You guessed it in one – my wife

All you young blokes in Australia

If you really want a good life

Pull in your head – get in there

But first, you need a good wife

You may get the idea that I love her

But that’s not exactly right

Add adoration to loving

Then you’ve got it – that’s my wife

by Leslie George

Johnston Footnote: George’s daughter Lana Bushell of Bongaree submitted her late father’s poem. George passed away in 1990 at the age of 73. Thanks, Lana for sending it into us.

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