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Rudolf is hanging by a piece of string

His face is blank no mouth or eyes he cannot see a thing

The nose jaw and mouth move separate from his head

I hope someone buys him as Santa will dread

Training another reindeer so close to Christmas time

He needs his nose ears and eyes for the journey of a lifetime

Now Santa is around the corner and the elves are down the isle

Gathering all the toys while Santa looks for his mobile “Come on Rudolf it will soon be Christmas day”

“We have heaps to do and must be on our way”

“ On the glass shelves are the fairies that wave their magic wand

They fly to isle two for Rudolf and sing a magical song

Now Rudolf shakes his head and his ears turn pink

Next comes his deep brown eyes and he gives the fairy a wink

Hair begins to grow on his face and his red nose is distinct

Rudolf is very hungry and his belly is starting to sink

Clipperty clop goes Rudolf shoes as he walks down the isle

Carrots biscuits and a bale of hay create a great big smile

Santa lets out a roar “It is time for all to flee”

Rudolf is harnessed at the front of the pack

The elves create mayhem there is no going back

Santa puts on his big black boots

The fairies fly and begin to swoop

The reindeers focus and off they go Flying high then flying low

Now Australia is pretty hot and the reindeers are really spent

Rudolf musters all he can to make a happy event

Santa is sweltering in his big red suit

The elves are packing the sack “Check the list” Santa calls

“There is no going back” Brisbane Sydney Melbourne and the Coast the list is very long

They are heading for the outback just in time to see a billabong

They see the billy boil from the sky and take respite by a tree Kangaroos

Emus Koala Bears gather at the fray Santa Rudolf and the elves land safely on the sleigh

Fires drought and red dirt is not a place to nap

Rudolf wanders off to view without his GPS map

The siren sounds everyone is bound

The presents sit by the log

The search party is out and so are the dogs

The reindeers are in a bog

Footprints of mud at the creeks edge

Leave an impression that Rudolf is dead

Bubbles appear in the middle of the creek

Thank God is alive but he is weak Rudolf is alive and prancing again

Everyone has cooled off nothing is bleak

This is Australia in the summer heat

So Santa and Rudolf and the team Hitch up the sleigh and create a beam

A magical rainbow to the North Pole “Yuletide “ he calls and off they go

By Sharmayne Kurtz

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