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Tucked away at the rear of the Ningi Community Hall is a building which, although it takes on the appearance of nothing more than a shed, is the home to an organisation which is not only a meeting place for locals to catch up for the chance to indulge in their own particular type of craft. Going by the title “Crafty Shed,” the organisation is a frequent supporter of various charities, either by way of monetary donations or by supplying the results of their efforts whenever applicable.

Featured Image(above): Jill Heading with the painting by Stephanie Domagala

Members of the Crafty Shed recently gathered for their end of year Christmas party and during the morning, they recognised the wonderful job done by president of twelve years Beryl Higgins by honouring her with a life membership. I think everyone in the building other than Beryl knew that this was on the agenda and, after Pauline Heaslip made the presentation, Beryl, who is retiring from the position, was quite speechless.

As another part of the Christmas get together, I had the pleasure of drawing the winning ticket in the raffle which was for a beautiful painting by Stephanie Domagala and, although Beryl threatened me with dire consequences if I didn’t draw her ticket out, it was Jill Heading who took the painting home. I believe Beryl has insisted that Stephanie do a similar painting for her now.

One of the ways that “Crafty Shed” members support others within the community is by providing “Pamper Packs” for distribution to victims of domestic violence and, in a small ceremony at the Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre recently, Crafty Shed President Beryl Higgins handed over thirty six of the packs to centre staff. Beryl explained to me that many of the items for the packs are supplied by an extremely generous Jenny Smith as well as some donated by Jill Heading.

‘Jenny is a frequent traveller and she even pays the cost of extra baggage to bring us the items that she gets at various places of accommodation,’ said Beryl. ‘The bags that contain the items were made by Diane Dirkson,’ she added.

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