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IT’S A BIT MUDDY – Bribie Island Crafts Club

When I was a kid, I loved nothing more than being able to go outside after a period of wet weather and play about in the mud, usually to the absolute frustration of my mother, and I very much doubt if there many children who do not get the same enjoyment from being covered in mud that I did.

With this in mind, I find it easy to understand why there a number of adults who take great pleasure in getting their hands muddy as they mold their items of pottery into shape. As one of the groups that are a part of the Crafty Shed at Ningi, the “Sueramics” pottery group has been producing their works of art for over a year at this location which is at the rear of the Ningi Community Hall on the corner of Rita Street and group founder Sue Harrison told me that the enthusiastic potters meet there from 9 am until 12 noon on Thursday of each week.

‘Playing in the mud is very addictive and can be a wonderful way to relieve stress,’ said Sue. ‘The group is only small so new members are more than welcome. Whenever we are able to build up our funds, we use them to do something special like courses,’ she said.

Bribie Island Arts and crafts Club

Sueramics members playing with mud

Sue, who has over thirty years experience as a potter, explained that she has clay for sale there and where the pieces are fired depends on their size.

She said that anyone who is interested in joining the “Sueramics” pottery group should either call into the Crafty Shed on Thursday mornings or give her a call on 0407 158784 to find out all the details. Apparently, the desire to play in the mud does not stop when adulthood begins.

Featured Image: Some of the pieces created by keen potter Allan Maguire

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