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By Yvonne Bishop

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Dog off lead parks can be a wonderful, positive experience for dogs and owners or it can be a very stressful environment.

First of all, there are Council rules in using these parks such as declared dangerous and restrictive breeds are not allowed in. Dogs must be registered. You must pick up after your dogs and can be fined if caught not doing so.

Most important is that the dog must not attack or worry a person or animal. What does the last sentence mean? When dogs get together and if they meet socially on a regular basis a pack mentality is formed.

If a new dog arrives the others may gang up on it. Even “friendly” dogs can bully a new arrival. Bullying can have different actions such as chasing the dog or pushing it around with its body.

Standing over the dog or growling. The new dog may act frightened by running away with its tail between its leg and trying to get to its owner. The dog may cower or try to fight back. Many dog attacks do occur in these parks and one other reason is they are usually too small in size.

Ideal design for parks are large and of irregular shape with trees or obstacles to hide. This helps shy, nervous dogs and prevents eye contact with one another. What should you do? If you are going for the first time, observe the dogs that are in there. Are they playing nicely or is one of them being pushy and intimidating others?

Observe your own dog is he hanging back or does he look like he can’t wait to get in there. If he hangs back, respect him and maybe go for a walk and wait for the others to leave before entering. Once you go in, shut the gate and immediately remove the lead.

There is nothing more frightening for a dog to be on a lead and other dogs approach to check him out.

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