Pet care – Ego is not a dirty word

By Dr Jackie - Local Bribie Island Veterinarian

Pet care

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Technically, our Ego creates adaptive behavioural patterns out of our most basic drives and instincts. It is more widely known as our personality and is our way of dealing with the world.

Our pets too have personalities and learn to curtail their behaviours when these harm others, in favour of other acceptable behaviours: for example, nobody keeps a dog that bites them. But what does the dog do instead of bite?

A nice dog chews treats, balls, or even tree bark, but not its human. A dog with good ego enrichment outlets the desire to bite through exhibiting a rich range of behaviours, some involving chewing or biting permitted objects, and others filling that desire in a more abstract manner such as exercise or play fighting with friendly dogs.

The very best human-animal relationships occur when you find activities you both enjoy.

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