Abbey Museum Hosts Kids Dig It! Egyptian Family Fun

Museum Queensland

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Abbey Museum Hosts Kids Dig It! Egyptian Family Fun


Egypt, perhaps more than any other world civilization, has aroused the wonder and curiosity of humankind.

Museum Queensland

Spanning more than 5,000 years, this is an era shrouded in mystery and wonder. Who doesn’t think with awe about the pyramids, the gigantic ruined temples, the buried Kings and their dynasties and who hasn’t heard the names Cleopatra and Tutankhamen?

The award-winning Abbey Museum presents ‘Kids Dig It! Egyptian Family Fun’ week from April 9-13th offering families and children aged between 3 to 13, an affordable, immersive, educational experience based on the wonders of ancient Egypt. The museum boasts some amazing Egyptian artifacts including a Cartonnage Mummy Mask, dated from between the 2nd-1st century BC, a decorative collar from a Mummy dating around 700-300 BC, a range of funerary amulets, a polychrome wooden figure of a cat and a particularly beautiful wooden panel from inside a coffin.

Also part of the Egyptian display is a ‘religious rattle’ or Faience handle from a Sistrum (Egyptian Trivia: Sistrums were used at various sacred festivals and the Abbey Museum’s example is twice inscribed with a hieroglyphic text in praise of the cat-goddess, Bastet.) The ‘Kids Dig It! Egyptian Family Fun Week tells the stories of this unique Egyptian collection fulfilling the vision of the Abbey Museum ‘enhancing lives through the stories created from our collection’.

The well-loved series of Kids Dig It! family fun weeks take place each school holidays and in addition to Viking and Egyptian, also include Medieval and Oriental in 2018. These educational programs also support the Australian curriculum goal of helping ‘students become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens’, by enabling children to learn consistently even during school holidays.

Ms. Melanie De Regt, Small Event’s Manager at the Abbey Museum and former school teacher commented on the event’s aims. ‘We want to create a unique and enriching experience for the children in the community, something that is affordable and does not separate fun from learning because we believe one goes with the other,’ she said.

‘We are also noticing with delight that the accompanying adults seem to enjoy the Kids Dig It! learning experience just as much as the children’! This event is just one of seventeen, including the Abbey Medieval Festival that the Abbey Museum has planned for 2018 in their mission of enriching the community with a love of world history.

Tickets are available on the Abbey Museum website, with entrance free of charge for those under four years and many free activities available. Paid activities start from two dollars and the event runs from 10.00am – 3.00pm each day. For more information contact: Caroline Morrissey: (07) 5495 1652

Museum Queensland

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