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No-one knew of the pain

That was deep within her heart

Her unheard cries for comfort

As her heart was torn apart.

They didn’t know the love

That was hidden deep within

She had become so transparent

With this very special man.

He had made her feel so special

As she went throughout her day

He told her things she wanted to hear

That sped her on her way.

But somehow within her heart

She knew it was just a dream

That it was too good to be true

That things were not as they seemed.

And then that terrible day

When she found it all a lie

She covered what she was feeling

But couldn’t hide a tear bright eye.

No one knew the pain

Until they found her there

With an empty bottle of pills

And the wine just near her chair.

And those tear bright eyes

Which had sparkled just for him

Were now vacant and staring

And would be forever dim.

By Hazel King

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