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Now I have been teaching Yoga 29 years
It has not dated or disappeared
You can learn to balance breath and stop
Harness your mind and stop eating slop
Educate your brain and learn about a
No need for furniture the mat is your
Learn another language and music as well
Blow out the cobwebs that have lived in
your knell
Raise your arms instead of a glass
Centre your awareness allow things to
Now meditation is a big learning curve
So many things to think about it will get on
your nerves
That is the general idea pay attention you
Let go of the holding
Allow your mind to be free
You can be as young as you like or old and
So long as you practice your asanas life is
not defeated
To living this minute right here right now
Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not a
promised vow
It will not cure wrinkles or get rid of false
But your muscles and skeletal frame wont
miss a beat
There is no exercise equipment just a yoga
Om is the new word just hum don’t chat
So when all the work on your body is done
Other people will want it so pass it on
You will take in your surroundings and
hug a tree
Let the ants go and the bees
Find yourself picking up plastic and having
a vege patch
The guidelines are good the kids are on
So all this started with not being able to
Feeling kind of yucky and always feeling
Mind you! Its a challenge the mind body
and breath
Leaning forward and back headstands and
But after the lesson and you let go of the
The mind and body are free and it makes
your feel chuffed
There will be a sense of calm after the
Yoga Class
The world is your oyster as you stroll out
of class
Written by Sharmayne Kurtz 28/5/18

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