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It starts off with the music that has a strong beat

Your sitting on your chair and it rolls into your feet

The rhythm creeps up your legs and makes your hips gyrate

It flows into your core and there is no escape

Your shoulders relax and your chest opens wide

The arms give gesture emotions collide

The internal message that the music sends

Blows your mind and makes your body bend

In a provocative way that transcends your space

Your mind your body dance and gyrate

This is a dance that is sacred not kind

It allows you to express and show your behind

Opens your mind and allows you to play

With that inner female from bygone days

Burlesque girls danced naked wore jewels and feathers

Were admired and adored in the Clubs and Centres

Where seedy men smoked and drank

Naked women danced and spanked

Supported the male ego with promiscuous moves

Took their money they were not fools

Teased their brains to forget their wives

These women lived very hard lives

Gave birth to children that no one wanted

But the dance fed everyone by the women who flaunted

Bending and moving to the beat of the song

Tantalising teasing there is no wrong

Capturing the male psychic from head to toe

Making him helpless and not letting go

They told their story through song and dance

That was their liberation and a chance

To be just a women sexual and sweet

Exotic and erotic that could dance to the beat

Little did they know it was a woman’s tool

To enjoy the music and be emotionally fooled

The customers thought they were important

The Burlesque dancer merely just taunted

Shimmy and shake open their legs wide

That bit of womanhood it belongs to time

The doors are open the money is on the floor

They grab and snatch there is no encore

The expression and inhibitions this dance creates

Stop and look at her face

Her movements are captivating sexy and slow

It is the woman’s primal passion and not just a show

By Sharmayne Kurtz 19/7/2018


It is December again and the heat is intense

No sign of rain and the trees are spent

The underground water is drying up

Dark clouds roll in but blow away on the bluff

The Moreton Bay water is exquisite and blue

Aqua and turquoise as well as emerald hues

The dolphins are sighted way out to sea

Swimming around a kayak how lucky I wish it were me

The cotton trees are shimmering from the mid day heat

When all of a sudden the butterflies are released

I stand back and view this wonderful display

Falling yellow confetti the butterfly way

They fly down the street to the flowering trees

Geisha girl plants that it is where they like to be

Dance and flutter full of hunger and life

Not much time in butterfly hype

The eastern tail butterfly is yellow and black

Eating and laying eggs keeps life on track

She has only 2 weeks and her life shuts down

The male is spent after he has fertilized his harem crown

So beautiful and delicate the colour is intense

Life is short but sweet no time to vent

If we were butterflies how rich life would be

No anger or resentment just a butterfly tree

By Sharmayne Kurtz 28/11/2018

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