Laugh Riot April 2019

By The Bribie Islander

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THREE WISHES “A little old lady was sitting in her rocking chair on the verandah of her small cabin in the woods when, suddenly, there was a puff of smoke and a fairy appeared. “I’m your fairy godmother,” she said, “and I’ve come to grant you 3 wishes”.

“What rubbish,” said the little old lady “I don’t believe in such things”. “Try me,” said the fairy waving her wand. “Ok,” said the little old lady “Turn this little cabin into a 40 room mansion”. The fairy waved her wand and in a puff of smoke, there appeared a magnificent mansion complete with swimming pools, tennis courts and even a helicopter pad. “You beauty”! exclaimed the little old lady.

“Now, turn me into a voluptuous young maiden”. The fairy waved her wand again and suddenly the little old lady was transformed into a stunningly beautiful young woman. “Oh yes,” said the little old lady who now was a simply gorgeous young woman “for my last wish I want you to turn my faithful old tomcat into a handsome young man”.

Another wave of the fairy wand, a puff of smoke and there he is – an absolute Adonis! He strides up to the little old lady who is now the voluptuous young maiden, takes her in his arms and whispers in her ear “Now aren’t you sorry you sent me to the Vet”!

Carol Gillam

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