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Dear Editor,
I have attached a poem by Sir Henry Newbolt, which was taught in Queensland schools during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

This poem has always stayed with me and while it’s about a schoolboy and a future
soldier learning about selfless commitment to duty through the game of cricket, it has so much more to offer in learning life’s lessons of fairness, honesty and pride in what you do in life.

Kay Benson, Bongaree


There’s a breathless hush in the Close to-night —
Ten to make and the match to win —
A bumping pitch and a blinding light,
An hour to play and the last man in.
And it’s not for the sake of a ribboned coat,
Or the selfish hope of a sbason’s fame,
But his Captain’s hand on his shoulder smote —
‘Play up! play up! and play the game!’
The sand of the desert is sodden red, —
Red with the wreck of a square that broke;
The Gatling’s jammed and the Colonel dead,
And the regiment blind with dust and smoke.
The river of death has brimmed his banks,
And England’s far, and Honour a name,
But the voice of a schoolboy rallies the ranks:
‘Play up! play up! and play the game!’
This is the word that year by year,
While in her place the School is set,
Every one of her sons must hear,
And none that hears it dare forget.
This they all with a joyful mind
Bear through life like a torch in flame,
And falling fling to the host behind —
‘Play up! play up! and play the game!’
Sir Henry Newbalt (1862-1938)


It is 5.30am and I am walking in Woorim Park
I head for the point and the grass is kind of sparse
Turning my head to catch the easterly breeze
The sun is rising over the casuarina trees
I can view the coastline all the way to the north
The tide is low and exposes its girth
Small pockets of clear salt water trapped in the dunes
Such a good place for toddlers to spoon
Wet sand and water pipis and buckets
As they wriggle in the sand shaped like trumpets
All walks of life stepping onto the beach
Being earthed and rejuvenated by the surf at their feet
I walk and wave to the swimming clan
A group of people who swim when they can
I take off my shoes and throw down my hat
Put on the swim goggles to join the pack
I enter the clear water and the temperature is cool
Crossing the sandbars and feel nature’s pool
The waves toss me too and fro
Jump and swim and off you go
The swim makes me tired and I float on my back
It is at this point there is no going back
I float on the surface and close my eyes
Then release my fear the water is divine
I let go of the holding and let the water overtake
My thoughts and body there is no need to escape
Breathing slow and really deep
My body floats and the relaxation penetrates my feet
My shoulders and back relax as well
Finally, I am in natures spell
Nothing matters and I open my eyes
The sky is blue as the white clouds float by
Encased in natures shrine it makes you want to cry
The seagulls fly low as they go by
I offload all that is negative and energise my mind
The sensation to my body is truly divine
This beach and ocean is right at my door
People travel for hours just to explore
The wonders of Bribie across from Moreton Bay
Just for the clear ocean water and somewhere to play
Written by Sharmayne Kurtz 24/1/2018

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