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A little less than two months on from when German air ace Manfred Von Richthofen, or as many know him “The Red Baron,” was shot down from the skies over France after making quite a name for himself, a baby girl who would in her own way make a name for herself, especially on Bribie Island, was born in South Brisbane to the Perkins family on June 12th in 1918.

Featured Image(above): Division One Councillor Brooke Savige (C) with Alma and fellow club Patron, Emma Stitt

That was of course none other than longtime local resident, Bribie Island Indoor Bowls Club Patron, and founding member, Alma Allen. Alma married her husband Mort at the age of twenty-one and the couple relocated to our beautiful island sixty years ago. A few years later, Alma joined with a few other residents to become one of the founding members of the Bribie Island Indoor Bowls Club and over forty-seven years later, the members of that club honoured their oldest member when they held a party to help her celebrate her 100th birthday. The party was held in the club’s First Avenue hall and preceded an afternoon of bowls.

Before Alma cut the beautifully decorated birthday cake, club treasurer Allen Landeman gave those present a briefing on the photos which were appearing on the overhead screen. He explained how he had sorted through some of Alma’s mementos to put together the presentation. In doing so he mentioned one particular verse that he had found on a Valentine’s Day card which read, “Hubba Hubba, Ding Ding. Get a look at the legs on that thing.” Division One Councillor Brooke Savige attended the function and presented Alma with flowers, a certificate of recognition and a personal letter from Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Allan Sutherland.

Alma’s sons Barry and Greg were to help their mum celebrate and one must also make mention of a certain other guest at Alma’s party who, for all intents and purposes, took on a rather regal appearance and in fact, others there were heard to refer to that person as “The Queen.” Those in the know were well aware that it was actually none other than Gary Rundle, a long time club member who often visits from Victoria and almost as often appears as a royal personage. Gary is a retired firefighter and takes on the role of fire safety officer, giving club members advice on fire preparedness. Members of the club have told me that Alma was regarded as a great bowler so I’m sure that everyone regretfully understood her decision to cease playing last year.

After cutting the cake and thanking everyone for their wishes, Alma made the comment that she really misses coming to bowls and I have been told that there is now the possibility that she may come along occasionally to keep up with what is going on at the club. As the afternoon’s games got underway, Alma was asked to play the first bowl of a game to show how it’s done. On behalf of the team at The Bribie Islander, I would like to say, ‘Congratulations Alma, it is an honour to be able to write this article about such a valuable member of our community.

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