It Was WRITTEN IN THE SAND – Marriage proposal

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander


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Bribie Island has long been a destination for day-trippers who come here to enjoy the serenity of the beaches along with the waters that surround them and there are many of those visitors who bring their four children along with them for a romp on one of the two off-leash beach areas.

This being the case, Krissy Briggs did not suspect that anything was unusual when boyfriend Dylan Baxter suggested that they take their dog Leo to Woorim where they would then be able to meet up with friends who were taking their dog to the beach for the afternoon.

Featured Image(above): Leo helped Dylan with the surprise for Krissy

When the couple arrived at the beach, however, Dylan led Krissy to a very unusual sculpture which had the words “Krissy, will you marry me?” inscribed on a huge heart. The sculpture, which had the big heart as a centrepiece, also featured a number of small hearts in strategic places and after what I presume would have been a few moments of surprise, Krissy answered Dylan’s question by writing “Yes” on the small heart directly beneath the one with the proposal.

Krissy and Dylan are from Griffin north of Brisbane and have been together for ten years after meeting at school. Krissy told me that whilst the events of the afternoon were a complete surprise, she was expecting Dylan to pop the question soon. ‘We are going on holidays tomorrow and I thought that he would propose while we were away,’ she said. Dylan explained that after deciding on how he wanted to propose, he then found Peter Papamanolis, the talented artist who built the sculpture, and together they came up with the design.

Look what I just got – Krissy showing off her new engagement ring

Peter began the work of art at 7 am that morning and it was not until about seven hours later that it was ready for Krissy to see. ‘My biggest worry was that it would rain and ruin the sculpture,’ Dylan told me. Whilst every method of proposal has its own special significance, I have to admit that this is probably one of the most unusual and I’m sure that both Krissy and Dylan will remember that afternoon forever. Congratulations, Krissy and Dylan. We wish you both a wonderful future together.

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