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By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

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The Lions “Children of Courage” Awards were introduced as a way of recognising a very special group of young Australians and their families, firstly in Western Australia and then in other areas of the country. There four categories for which a child may be nominated and these are Special Needs, Courageous Act, Sibling Recognition and Inspiring Sporting Achievement.

Featured Image(above): Back- Lion Jenny Hadley, Lions Keith Hadley, District Chairperson of Children of Courage, Diane Unwin, Cherish Lavelle, Elisha Flett, Cr. Brooke Savige, Jeremy Flett. Front – Emily Turnbull, Charlie Farrell and Dylan Beaney- McCann

The Lions Club of Sandstone Point has recently been proud hosts to children from the district who were selected to receive The Children of Courage Awards and Project Co-ordinator Keith Hadley explained to me that whilst there are many awards that recognise the achievements of young people, children with special needs are not catered for. ‘Tye Children of Courage Awards fills that void and it is not a competition as every recipient of an award is a winner in their own right,’ said Keith.

‘The purpose of the awards is to act as an encouragement for the future, help them to believe in themselves and also to help increase their self-worth. All children want to be accepted by others, regardless of any special needs that they may have,’ he added. When the awards are presented, each child is called forward and a short summary of the reasons for the award is read out and the recipient is then presented with a plaque or a medallion and a certificate. At the ceremony, District Chairperson of Children of Courage Awards, Diane Unwin and Division One Councillor Brooke Savige shared the presentation of awards to some very excited and happy young people with the recipients and their families being then treated to afternoon tea.

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