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Bottle caps are fully recyclable. Unfortunately, as reported on ABC’s ‘War on Waste’, they aren’t being recycled. They get sent to landfill, they fall through machinery, and in worst-case scenarios, if attached to a bottle, they can explode and force expensive repacking issues. This overlooked waste product is almost entirely made from HDPE 2 (High-Density Polyethylene).

After considerable experimentation Envision Hands have successfully taken this plastic and extruded it to create functioning filament for 3D printers. Once they have the filament, they 3D print all the components that make up prosthetic hands and support people in need of these aids. The Bribie Island Bowls Club considers this to be such an innovative mission and has recently signed up to become a collection point for Vision Hands.

“We are in the perfect position to help,” said Kerry Muller, Treasurer, “If we can save the environment and aid in helping this amazing charity, then it’s an easy solution to become a collection point.” The Bribie Island Bowls Club is asking all the locals to get behind the campaign. Simply keep all your bottle caps such as water bottle, milk bottle, soft drink bottle lids, and caps and drop them into the collection container set up in the Reception area of the Club.

The Bribie Bowls Club will then ensure they are sent to Envision Hands located in Victoria. Any children/people within Australia who believe would benefit from the support of a mobility aid, please contact