After seven years of hosting the New Year’s Eve markets and fireworks in Brennan Park, the BIDCA (Bribie Island District Community Appeal) team are ready to hand over the event to any organisation that would like to take it on.

BIDCA President Sharon Parsons has announced that she and husband Gary believe the event would benefit from a fresh approach. ‘Gary and I have been the main organisers of the New Year’s Eve Markets and we believe that it is time to hand over the reins,’ said Sharon. ‘We have enjoyed being able to provide such great entertainment for locals and visitors and with the last one being such a wonderful success with an estimated 25,000 people attending on the day, we will go out on a high,’ she added.

Sharon remarked that anyone who would like to organise the event is welcome to contact her for information on what is required. ‘As an established event, it will be relatively easy for another organisation to step in and take over.

We will offer them as much advice as we can,’ she said. As an organisation which is consistently active within the local community, BIDCA has been responsible for assisting many worthy causes with funding gained through the operation of a monthly market at Brennan Park on the third Sunday of each month. Anyone who would like to contact Sharon can call 0409 583 928.