Bribie Island Lions Club. hearing tests.

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It is very important to identify hearing problems before a child starts school,” says Rosita Chan, Clinical Educator from the University of Queensland Health and Rehabilitation Clinics, at the Bribie Island State Primary School where her students from UQHR-Audiology Clinic School Hearing Screening conducted hearing tests for Prep Schoolers.

Each year Bribie Island Lions meet the cost to get the Prep schoolers’ hearing tested before they go into Primary School. “Hearing is very important for a child’s development in learning, language communication, etc. and a lot of the problems are through middle ear infections,” said Rosita.

She said hearing is tested when a child is born and again before they start school. Julie Thomas, the support teacher who organized the day, said out of the 93 children tested 17 needed further investigation.

She thanked the Lions Club of Bribie Island for their continued support. Genie Kahler from the Lions Club of Bribie Island said the club has been sponsoring these tests for Prep Schoolers for some six years and it is the Lions’ way of giving back to their community.