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By Sandra

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Some customers have told me that the shop is really looking good now; this is all due to the hard work of our manager Sonia and her staff and volunteers. Sonia still has some more changes to complete before she’s happy with the full layout of the shop floor, she hopes to have it all completed soon.

Sonia and our wonderful volunteers are constantly working to keep the shop neat and tidy endeavouring to make it easier for our customers to wander around and find exactly what they are looking for. We sincerely thank our customers for their patience when they come and find things being moved around and sometimes finding yellow taped off areas due to safety.

We have always tried to minimise the inconvenience to our customers by working outside shop hours but sometimes that is not possible and we have to forge ahead during opening hours. So thank you all for your continued support during these times. Since Christmas, our committee has continued to assess requests for help from within the Bribie Island community and I thought you may like to know how your support of Busy Fingers has enabled us to support the island.

We are all proud of our great Life-Saving Club at Woorim, so we were pleased to be able to assist in obtaining 2 new spinal boards which are used to remove unconscious swimmers from the surf. We also purchased 10 junior boards to assist the youngest members being instructed in life-saving, these youngsters are preparing to ensure our beach safety continues into the future.

The Bribie Island Netball Club has received some equipment required to continue their recruitment and training of young people in the sport. House of Happiness at Woorim required some ceiling fan lights which we have been able to supply. We have also assisted the BI Community Arts Society in upgrading their outdoor area; and some maintenance requirements for the BI Girl Guides and shirts for the BI Road Runners and Walkers Club. We have also supplied equipment for the BI Retirement Village and Nursing Home to ensure the continued quality of life for the residents.

We continue to support the VMR and the BI-Moreton Hospice palliative care unit on a monthly basis. We sincerely thank all our supporters, whether you are donating your preloved items or shopping with us, for your generosity which enables us to continue to assist the many associations, schools and kindergartens on the island. We cover a wide range of ages and situations, starting with educational equipment for our youngest at the kindergartens, through the schools and sporting groups and clubs and finally onto the aged care with medical equipment.

Hopefully, this ensures a continued quality of life of all our island residents. If you are a member of a club or association on the island and require assistance please let us know. We try to assist all non for profit associations and sporting clubs, we also assist the police, SES, VMR and the BI Hospice. Our President is quite happy to come along to your club and present our aims and goals and how your club can apply for assistance.

Please call 3410 1920 or email [email protected] if you wish to have a presentation or if you wish to apply for a grant of assistance. The shop currently has many sales on including Books $5 a bag, which we haven’t been able to do for awhile but lately, we have been receiving quite a few books and our shelves are full. We have our continuing sale of lounges and also some dinner sets and various other household items for 50% off. So please drop in and search for a good bargain.

Our noticeboard is being used now to advise customers of events happening on the island, so if your club or association is having a function, please feel free to ask our Cashier to put your notice up. We will leave it there until the day after the function then remove it. Other notices will be removed after 14 days to make room for new notices. Last week we had to arrange for a truck to remove all the unsaleable items that had been dumped after hours, this is an expensive exercise.

In the past, we were able to do several tip runs a week in our own vehicle but due to the increase in our free pick up and low-cost delivery service, we are unable to keep up with the rubbish disposal. SO PLEASE do not bring any unsaleable items to us, please take them to the tip at Ningi yourself, we are not allowed to take rubbish to Ningi, we have to go to the Caboolture refuse station, which is very time-consuming. When the gates are shut we ask people not to leave donations on the footpath outside the gate, as over the last month items have been taken during the night.

Also when the gates are open overnight, we have had problems with someone going through our industrial bins, these bins have broken or dirty items in them, so please do not go into them. Plastic bags are in short supply and will eventually be phased out, I am trying to arrange for some reusable bags for the shop, but I suggest you start bringing your own bag for your purchases in case we have no bags on hand.

I would like to thank Mavis Howard again for her supply of children’s lucky dip bags they love them. Also the continued support of Richard Whetlor and his merry gang at the Bribie Islander, they have not only continued to support us but also other associations and businesses on the island, keeping to their motto of “Let’s keep it local” the paper is a great read and keeps us up to date on what is happening on the island – Thank You, Richard. Hope to see you in the shop soon. Sandra.

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