Butterfly House presents award

By Neil Wilson

Queensland Butterfly Club

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As I have written many times in these pages, our community has so many organisations which are dedicated to providing assistance to those who need it and a recent example of co-operation between two of those organisations will help to ensure that this much-needed assistance will continue to be available.

I a small presentation ceremony that took place at the Bribie Island Butterfly House during March, Delphine Archer of the Butterfly House presented BIDCA founder with a cheque for $2,000 as a contribution towards BIDCA’s Community Assistance Fund.

In thanking Delphine, Sharon said that the donation was a very much appreciated to the organisation’s capital. ‘We have not yet decided exactly what the money will be used for but it will certainly be put to good use,’ Sharon said. ‘There is so much need out there,’ she added. The Bribie Island Butterfly House is located on First Avenue in Bongaree directly behind the Orchid House and is designed in a way that allows visitors to view beautiful butterflies in a natural environment.

butterfly club

Getting together – Volunteers from BIDCA and the Bribie Island Butterfly House

It was founded by Ray and Delphine Archer and has become known as one of the must-see tourist attractions on Bribie Island. It is completely operated by a band of selfless volunteers who devote their time to raising funds to assist the needy. BIDCA (Bribie Island and District Community Association) was founded by Sharon and Gary Parsons and all funds raised by the organisation are used to help people within the local community.

The main source of funds for BIDCA is the markets at Brennan Park which they host on the third Sunday of each month and Sharon tells me that anyone who would like to inquire about becoming a stall holder at the market is welcome to call her on 0409 583928 for all the necessary information.

Featured Image: Delphine Archer (Right) of the Butterfly House presented Sharon Parsons with a cheque for $2,000 as a contribution towards BIDCA’s Community Assistance Fund

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