Car servicing to help farmers in drought

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We all feel for the farmers at the moment and the terrible hardship that they face from one of the most devasting droughts in years.
Many Bribie Islanders are looking at ways to help with the farmers’ drought relief appeal.
One long-standing Bribie businessman, Scott Hanson owner of Bribie Car Care, has come up with an innovative promotional idea for his business and at the same time a way to assist farmers in drought.
Scotty, as he is better known, says that they will be donating ten dollars for every service that his business conducts from now until the end of September to the farmers’ drought appeal.
“We had a meeting with everyone who works in this business to consider a fundraising promotion and then select a worthy charity,” said Scotty.
“The fundraising concept was simple really. For every service, we undertake for customers, the business will donate ten dollars to a worthy charity. From the ideas that flowed, it was unanimously decided that we would help contribute to the farmers’ drought relief fund,” said Scotty.
According to Scotty, this is a genuine way that they can contribute to the farmers’ drought relief appeal and at the same time ensure their customers’ vehicles are running in tip-top condition.

“This really is a win-win situation. Our customers benefit by ensuring that their vehicle is properly serviced and maintained and the farmers win by our business donating to their drought appeal,” he said.
So if your car is due for a service and you feel the farmers’ plight then do yourself a favour and book in a service or repair with Scotty and his team at Bribie Car Care today.

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