A Picnic at Pemberley

Picnic at Pemberley

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The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology presents the 2018 annual event: ‘A Picnic at Pemberley

Showcasing history like no other organisation in the region, a true delight is planned for Saturday 8th September on the grounds of the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, located in Caboolture.  The annual ‘A Picnic at Pemberley’ will take place, an Abbey branded-event themed on the Regency era and hosted in character by the protagonist of Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy.

The occasion is a light-hearted and social way to replicate the foolish lavishness of the British aristocracy during the late 18th Century when the Arts flourished under a distracted Regent.  It offers period-accurate music, games, food and dance as well as the enjoyable opportunity for visitors to dress in costumes of the Regency era while deepening their own personal historical experience.

‘The Regency Era is very close to our hearts’ said Ms Edith Cuffe, Director of the Abbey Museum.  ‘The Museum is the custodian of 80 fashion plates which were used in printing the world’s first women’s fashion magazines in Britain and France. Also in the collection, there are several beautiful dress-fans from the Regency and Victorian eras. It is unfortunate that none of these are on display as there simply isn’t the room inside the Museum’, she said. ‘Many visitors to the Abbey Museum enquire about the history of the collection – where it came from, who collected it and how it ended up in Caboolture and not in a capital city. This event is just one of the ways that we have of telling the story of our collection in a fun and artistic way.’

Marketing and Sponsorship Manager at the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, Caroline Morrissey, spoke about the educational experiences to the Museum. ‘The Abbey Museum has a strong focus on offering quality, historical experiences.  Many people are disconnected from history and perceive it to be boring.  But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth!  Through themed events, such as these, personal hands-on learning opportunities are facilitated.  We urge visitors to immerse themselves by arriving in costume and making the effort to learn all they can about this remarkable era, you’ll be surprised how much fun history can be!,” Ms Morrissey said. 

This year’s event starts with an optional morning dance workshop at 10.00am, with the gates open at 11.30am.  Popular games of the era such as Pall-Mall and Shuttlecock are open to all on the grounds of the Abbey Museum and Church and the symbolic Maypole will entice additional dancing and exercise.  There will be horses and militia displays, with the highlight of the event being the afternoon tea. Guests will have the opportunity to listen to a short talk entitled ‘The Use of Herbs in Regency England’, in addition to two workshops on embroidery and water-colour painting; all Regency authentic activities. Visitors may also choose to bring their own picnic lunch or alternatively pre-purchase a lunch-basket for the afternoon tea which is served around 2.30pm.

To support sustainability, the Abbey Museum encourages participation from local businesses would urge them to consider the many social and economic benefits of aligning with an Arts organisation.  ‘We would expressly like to thank our current sponsors, ERMS Group, North Harbour, Colonial Village and Flair Jewellery Bribie Island for their support’.  All proceeds for this event will support the Museum’s ongoing fund-raising to build an art gallery.

Tickets are available on the Abbey Museum website, (http://abbeymuseum.com.au/events/picnic-at-pemberley-2/) and the event will run to 4.00pm.

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