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Tourism, travel, Queensland. Australia. South Australia

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Tags: Tourism, travelQueensland. Australia. South Australia

Hi there, here is just a quick rehash in case you have missed the first episodes from ‘The Bribie Islander’. My short stories are all about our family, Richard my hubby, Ginger our daughter and myself, going on a 15 month trip of misadventure in a “big rig” around Australia, on a mission to find the place to call home. After travelling from Victoria via the Great Ocean Road to South Australia, we decided to pull up stumps at Mount Gambier for the night.

Tourism, travel, Queensland. Australia. South Australia

The Blue Lake at Mount Gambier

The caravan park was right next to this amazing blue volcanic lake, which gets the colour from a unique chemical composition. But this was not the only attraction, as the unbelievable local sinkhole was just as mind-boggling and stunning, all laid out as an amazing garden. I have never seen a sinkhole before, but it just felt so unreal with this sharp edge drop, the cooler air, the surrounding caves, dripping water, bees and bats not to mention those two huge palm trees which outgrew the hole! We wanted to stay longer, however, we had to get to Victor Harbor for Richard’s work.

Although the freezing summer weather still followed us, Victor Harbor did not disappoint, especially the bike ride to the village between the tall pine trees was a great calorie burner. The town harbour has a multi-function bridge, which leads to Granite Island. One can walk, ride or take a horse-drawn tram, which brings tourists to the island. Once there, you can walk a loop around the island, offering sunrise and sunset between stunning rock-formations.

Tourism, travel, Queensland. Australia. South Australia

WOMAD art installation

We made it onto Granite island twice, which was great as Ginger loves the rocks, where she decided to hide… and when I started to get a bit worried I decided to follow her and nearly got stuck between a couple of rocks! Meanwhile, she was heading back to the spot I was originally at…no need to say there was a bit of panic on my side, but all good when we finally found each other again.

Tourism, travel, Queensland. Australia. South Australia

Horse-drawn tram to Granit Island

I had to explain why it took me so long to follow her, upon which Ginger informed me, that I just was too big to fit between the rocks …time to stop the junk food was my reply… Ginger:” No Mummy that is not what I said – It’s just because you are old.” Ahhh! So I can’t fit between the rocks because I am old? “No Mummy that is not what I said. However, when you get older it’s normal that you get bigger and that is why you got stuck between the rocks!” Well, that made me feel soooo much better, and ready to get off those rocks!

Next, we headed to Adelaide and stayed at Windsor Gardens, located once again right next to an adorable riverside bike path, which led right into the heart of the city. The timing was perfect, with the start of the WOMAD festival offering performances of popular bands, surrounded by trendy shopping and gourmet food stalls, followed by evening entertainment with more music, fire displays and light up art installations. After the city experience, we were ready for a bit more quiet time by the sea and headed to Moonta Bay. Known for its copper mining history, and with its amazing sunsets over the water, it had a charm of its own.

Tourism, travel, Queensland. Australia. South Australia

Sinkhole at Mount Gambier

Not the sort of swimming beach we are used to from Bribie Island, due to lots of seaweed and rocks all over the place, however, a sought after fishing spot and the perfect place to have a sunset picnic on the pier. But it’s not a picnic for everyone living in Moonta Bay, as part of the old town had to deal with a natural disaster, leaving some beachfront houses as cliffhangers, with the water washing away the ground beneath them! Luckily, as it turned out, our windy caravan park site was booked, and we had to move an hour north to Port Broughton, which definitely had ‘the vibe’.

Tourism, travel, Queensland. Australia. South Australia

Ginger and Coco sharing an icy-pole

Our favourite hangout was the original old pub. The first time we went there, we could not believe our luck, with a delicious menu and the sun about to set over the pier, we had the choice of a whole empty verandah, while everyone else was crammed inside. Even the waiter asked: You really want to sit out here? We thought why not, the best spot in town, why wouldn’t you? Soon the caring waiter returned with a bottle of aeroguard…do I need to say more?

Tourism, travel, Queensland. Australia. South Australia

Port Broughton

Tourism, travel, Queensland. Australia. South Australia

Picnic on the pier at Moonta Bay

This was a great opportunity to get close and personal with some fellow caravaners, squeezing onto their table inside the pub, followed by a dip in the heated pool, and if it were not for the huge amount of mosquitos we would probably still be there. However it was time to move on and we decided to embark to Kangaroo Island, passing lots of windmill turbines on the way, which I think at most times enhances the rather barren landscape and was the inspiration for my logo painting to go with this episode. I will leave you with this ‘windy’ thought and I hope you can join me in the next edition of ‘The Bribie Islander’ when we endanger the Kangaroo Island ferry by having to load on our rig in reverse!

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