Children visit aged care facility on Bribie Island

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aged care facility bribie island retirement

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Profits from a lemonade stand in Brennan Park and the overwhelming desire to be able to help people were the main reasons for five-year-old Zayne Curtis to accompany children from Bribie Island Community Kindergarten on their visit to the Bribie Island Aged Care Facility in Foley Street recently.

When I spoke to Zayne on the day he was selling lemonade and bottled water from his lemonade stand, he told me that he was trying to make some money to help sick children and old people and naturally, once he had money to give, he had to decide where it would help the most and the reason for his decision is best explained by describing an activity that Zayne participated in during his time at the kindergarten.

Featured Image(above): Joining in the singing as Peter Szekelyhidi entertains the

Now in the third year, a joint program between the Bribie Island Community Kindergarten and the Churches of Christ Bribie Island Aged Care Services is the weekly visits to the facility in Foley Street by children from the kindy.

Aged Care Services Lifestyle Coordinator Debra Connolly said that although the program is still in the early stages, it is evident that the residents and the children are forming relationships which are very special. ‘The excitement and laughter of the children on their arrival initiated smiles from the residents and enhances their overall well-being,’ said Debra. ‘It is a wonderful and heartwarming experience to observe the children interact with our residents, joining with them in activities such as reading, discussion and singing,’ she added.

aged care facility bribie island retirement

Zayne Curtis presenting the profits from the lemonade stand to Lifestyle Coordinator Debra Connolly

Debra told me society provides very little opportunity for interaction between the generations, especially the very young and aged people so programs such as this are an innovative way to close the gap.

Zayne’s proud mum Amanda said that she feels the nurturing environment that her son has experienced during his time at the Bribie Island Community Kindergarten is a large part of the way he has developed such a caring nature. ‘Narelle Dawson and the staff are so good with the children,’ Amanda told me. ‘I do feel that without him having attended the kindy, our lives would not be as rich,’ she said.

aged care facility bribie island retirement

Allan making the most of the children’s visit

When speaking about the Bribie Island Community Kindergarten and their award of an “Excellent” rating for the second time, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) Michael Petrie congratulated the kindy on their ongoing commitment to high-quality education and care.

aged care facility bribie island retirement

Doing a few paintings for the residents

‘Bribie Island Community Kindergarten was one of the original services to receive the Excellent rating and they remain a leader in our sector through their ongoing commitment to exceptional practice,’ said Mr Petrie. During Zayne’s visit to the Aged Care Services facility, a small group of onlookers watched as he presented the profits from the lemonade stand to Ms Connolly before taking part in the morning’s activities.

As a journalist, I feel privileged to have been able to write this article and as a Bribie Islander, I feel proud to be part of a community which includes children as caring as Zayne Curtis.

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