Christmas lights display at 90 Foxtail Crescent in Banksia Beach

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander


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About this time in 2017, I introduced readers to a Banksia Beach couple who are absolutely addicted to sharing their love of Christmas lights with all who take the time to visit their home at 90 Foxtail Crescent.

Featured Image(above): A part of the beautiful Christmas lights display at 90 Foxtail Crescent in Banksia Beach.

When I called to see them recently, Noela and Ted Knight were busy setting up their lighting display and they told me that 2018 is the sixteenth year that they have lit their home up for the festive season and the third time at their current address. The couple readily admits that they don’t have a clue as to how many lights there are in the display and, whilst they say that there is no room for more, Ted did tell me that they were going to check out the upcoming Aldi sale to buy just a few more lights.

As well as decorating their front yard with beautiful lighting, the Knights spend many hours setting up a wonderful Christmas theme in their garage and they explained that the process usually begins about six weeks before they open their display to the public on December 1st from 7 pm until 9 pm. ‘We used to finish on Christmas Eve but because there are people telling us that they want to show their families that are visiting for Christmas, we now open on the night of the 25th as well,’ Ted pointed out.

Ted and Noela spend more than six weeks setting up their Christmas feature

Arguably one of the most popular in the area, the display at 90 Foxtail Crescent in Banksia Beach attracts an astounding number of visitors during December and last year saw an estimated two thousand people come to enjoy the results of Noela and Ted’s efforts. Whilst the couple do not expect any financial reward for their dedication to keeping the spirit of Christmas alive, there will be a collection box beside the display and, as it was last year, the money that is collected will be donated to the local Vietnam Veterans Association to assist them with the work that they do within the community.

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