The Diabetes Dash and Walk with Us

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

The Diabetes Dash and Walk with Us. Fundraiser. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Queensland

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Tags: The Diabetes Dash and Walk with Us. Fundraiser. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Queensland


After talking to the event organisers, I think that they were overwhelmed by the number of competitors and supporters who turned up for the Diabetes Dash and Walk with Us which was held on the waterfront recently. Bribie Island Diabetes Support Group Vice-President Jan Donaldson told me that the event was such a wonderful success despite the cool and at times rainy weather and the combination of registrations, donations and raffle proceeds resulted in a total of more than $2,500 being raised on the day.

Featured image(above); Division One Councillor Brooke Savige(L), Simone Wilson MP and BIDCA’s Gary Parsons with the male, female and junior 10km winners

‘I would like to say thank you to all who helped to make the day such a great success,’ said Jan. ‘Thank you to all the participants for making the effort to do the run or walk and to all those who were there to cheer them on. To the Diabetes Support Group President, Les Orman, we do not know what we would have done without your assistance,’ she added. Jan also pointed out that without the local community groups and businesses, the day would not have been anywhere near as good.

There were many sponsors for the event and they included SPORTF1RST, Victory Press, Bribie RSL, and the Jadin Pharmacy Group as well as Moreton Bay Regional Council, Division One Councillor Brooke Savige, Member for Pumicestone Simone Wilson MP and Phil Hungerford who provided the time clock and other essential items for the run. The members of BIDCA were there to keep the hunger at bay with their sausage sizzle and the Bribie Island Road Runners and Walkers Club joined in as well.

I believe that they will now regard the annual event as a part of their calendar. Among those who attended were Simone Wilson MP who cheered everyone on as they crossed the finish line and Division One Councillor Brooke Savige who, along with her family, did the five-kilometre walk all the way to the finish. Vice-President Jan remarked on how exciting it was to see so many of the children who live with diabetes taking part in the five-kilometer walk alongside many of the adult members.

‘They are wonderful examples to all of us,’ she said. From any event there is always one or more especially notable stories which emerge and, whilst all who took the time to attend and compete should be congratulated, the attendance of two young boys, Blake and Dylan, is deserving of special mention. Early in the day, some people had made comments about seeing two boys who were there on a bike, asking if they were a part of the event and apparently it was not until later when everyone realised that it was brothers Blake and Dylan.

Two years ago, Dylan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and since then, Blake has taken on the big brother role perfectly and his bike is the trademark. Blake has been using his bike to raise funds for the support group, offering rides in exchange for donations in order to help his family “pay it forward” and he understands how much his brother’s life changed after being diagnosed.

In order for Dylan to take part in the walk, Blake rode his bike while Dylan sat in the back. Dylan’s family have been continuous supporters of the group for over twelve months after funding by both the Diabetes Support Group and the Wallum Action Group enabled Dylan to receive his insulin pump. As well as supporting group events, the family has also been raising awareness of diabetes within the community and highlighting sponsorship programs such as Kids to Camp, insulin pumps, medical devices, and adult education.

With the Diabetes Dash and Walk with Us day being hailed as such a success, I have no doubt that it will be even better in 2019 and Jan remarked that she is looking forward to seeing all the families and group members next year for another terrific event.

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