July 28 voting decision day

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As the July 28 voting decision day draws steadily closer for the 2018 Longman by-election you will have already seen, read and heard many of the promises and policy commitments by the major and minor party and hopeful independent candidates running for high office. As a community media outlet with no political axe to grind we can only urge you to turn up on Saturday 28th July to a polling booth near you and exercise your country’s hard fought for democratic right to cast your vote as you see fit.

In this federal government by-election, we have 11 candidates which is exactly the same number as contested the seat of Longman in the 2016 federal election. For those of you who are interested in the history of Longman and how we have voted in the past here is a quick summary. Longman was first contested at the 1996 federal election. The electorate is named after Mrs Irene Longman, who was the first woman elected to the Queensland Parliament in 1929. The past political winners in Longman have been 1996 Liberal, 1998 Liberal, 2001 Liberal, 2004 Liberal, 2007 ALP, 2010 LNP, 2013 LNP, and 2016 ALP.

For the upcoming Longman by-election, the Australian Electoral Commission has announced the candidates and their position as they will appear on the ballot paper (see table). Note when you vote you must number every square from 1 through to 11 to ensure your vote is eligible to be counted. Apart from voting is compulsory by law, many Australians have fought and died for your right to play a role in this important democratic process so don’t waste this opportunity.

The polling booths will open on Saturday, July 28 at 8:00 am and close at 6:00 pm sharp For information regarding polling booth locations visit the AEC website www.aec.gov.au

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