Local Mural Artist Paints Water Tower

By Neil Wilson

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Artists Scott Nagys and Mike Shangster spent over a week creating a beautiful piece of artwork on a local icon recently, the water tower at Woorim, whilst known to most, was not what could be called an attractive sight.

Scott and Mike were here as the result of a collaboration between Unity Water and Street Art Murals Australia, a company which acts as a link between artists and any organisation that wishes to commission any form of street art.

In the past, the company has been commissioned by various councils, Westmead Children’s Hospital, Sydney Trains and many others to arrange over three hundred works of street art and a spokesperson has stated that not one of these has been subjected to vandalism within the first five years, obviously eliminating the need for funds to be spent on cleaning off graffiti.

Scott and Mike teamed up to paint the water tower after successfully submitting Scott’s idea for the artwork to Street Art Murals Australia and Scott told me that being able to do this job has enabled him to fulfill one of his ambitions. ‘As a mural artist, I have always wanted to paint something this large,’ said Scott.

‘I have to admit that I was a bit scared about the height at first but once I started, I was more concerned about making sure that I got it right,’ he added. As the artist who designed the work, Scott was tasked with the application of his design to the surface of the tower and Mike acted as ground support, keeping a close eye on the special machine that the two had hired to take Scott to the desired height.

Because of the ground around the tower being mainly sand, it was necessary to source a machine that was propelled by tracks, therefore minimising the chance of it sinking into the sand. This project is the first of the two artist’s jobs on Bribie Island with the Bongaree water tower due to be painted sometime around the middle of the year and this time with Mike’s design.

‘Whilst Scott is a professional mural artist, I am also a graphic artist and around half of my time is spent on studio work,’ Mike explained. ‘My style will mean that the Bongaree tower will feature a more contrasting design,’ he said.

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