By Anne Matthews - Public Relations Director, Bribie Rotary


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Many of us have been “cut and burned” by Richard or Danielle at the Bribie Island Skin Cancer Clinic and know the apprehension you feel while waiting for the anaesthetic to work and the cutting to begin. My husband has no fear of the knife – he fears the anaesthetic! That anaesthetic needle is rather scary and hurts like hell. I tend to chat about anything to take my mind off what is about to happen. So at a recent visit, while Danielle was standing over me, knife in hand, I asked her did she know any Year 11 students who love science. She did – her daughter Lara.

Featured Image(above): Alexis Thomas, Lara Thompson, Rotary President John Oxenford and Charlotte Scott

Following my procedure, I sent all the details of Rotary’s NYSF program to Danielle. Lara applied, was interviewed by a District Panel, and was selected to attend the forum in January 2019. I had also contacted Bribie Island State High School and they nominated an outstanding young lady named Alexis Thomas, from Banksia Beach. Alexis was also successful at her interview and will attend the 2019 Forum. Lara and Alexis have excelled as many candidates, nominated by surrounding Rotary Clubs were not selected. Rotary is a partner of The National Youth Science Forum, a not for profit organisation.

NYSF hold 12-day residential programs designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to encourage continued studies in these fields. The $3,150 cost for the program is shared 50/50 by the Rotary Club of Bribie Island and the student’s family. Each year approximately 600 students from around Australia are selected to attend one of three sessions held in Canberra or Brisbane.

Participants take part in sessions on entrepreneurship, critical thinking, how to work together effectively, and more. The focus is not solely on academic achievements, but on developing well-rounded individuals who have the skills and confidence to determine their futures.

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