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Even though photography is an ART, besides knowing your DSLR camera (and, sometimes, besides knowing your compact one, or, even, your smartphone) you might need some technical know-how. This tutorial has no aim other than to help the beginners. For deeper learning, please consult the Internet.


Our first question when we are buying a lens is: fixed lens or zoom? Let’s see some differences between them.


Generally, good zooms are more expensive than fixed lenses.


A fixed lens is more reliable than a zoom as all its components are fixed.

Light (aperture)

Fixed lenses have better light abilities and, therefore, take better images.

Range of the angle of view

The range of a zoom is larger.

Size and weight

Zooms are bigger and heavier.


With a couple of zooms, you can have a wide range of focal lengths.

Photo composition

Contrarily to the zoom, with a fixed lens you must go backward or forward to modify your composition (sometimes, you must change the lens). How many you need? Zooms, a couple. Fixed lenses, minimum three (but you can have 2 zooms and one fixed lens…).

WHICH LENS TO USE? (see attached picture)

Fish-eye: special pictures of landscapes, architecture or interior.

Ultra-wide angle

landscapes, architecture, interior

Moderate wide-angle

landscapes, general purpose, meetings


general purpose, scenes with people, pets

Medium telephoto

sports, portraits, streets, wild life

Super telephoto

sports, wildlife, birds


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