Reassuring concerned residents – Bongaree Jetty

By Neil Wilson


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Following an instance in which a number of local residents expressed their concern about the work that is currently being carried out on the Bongaree jetty, Division One Councillor Brooke Savige demonstrated her dedication to keeping in touch with her community by recently giving community members the opportunity to discuss those concerns during a public meeting at the work site recently.

Whilst the meeting was only attended by a few people, Councillor Savige and representatives from the Council Works Department were able to allay concerns regarding the type of material being used for the decking and they also explained why the rejuvenation was necessary. ‘As hardwood is no longer a sustainable resource and is subject to contamination in a marine environment, it was regarded as a much more viable to use the composite fibre product,’ said the Councillor.

Featured Image(above): The new composite fibre decking on the jetty will not rot or corrode

‘This will minimise the necessity for maintenance and more downtime on the jetty,’ she told those who attended. When I spoke to a Council engineer about the product being used, he explained that as well as the composite fibre not being subject to either rotting or corrosion, it also has a non-slip component which will mean that there is less chance of someone falling whilst walking on it.

One of the residents who came to the meeting made the comment that he would like to see the jetty painted in nice bright colours instead of the proposed grey that will be applied by the current contractor. He also remarked that an archway at the entrance would be a good way to finish the project off and suggested that the arch could feature a series of murals depicting the history of Bongaree.

In reply to these comments, Councillor Savige said that if after more discussion with the community, these ideas seemed popular, she would work toward achieving the proposed changes. ‘I am more than happy to help drive the ideas to completion,’ she said. The Councillor went on to point out that whilst there was sometimes the need to make certain changes to structures such as the jetty, it does not detract from their iconic nature.

The interested community members who attended were told that the revised completion date for the work on the jetty is May 23rd and the reason for the extra time has been the inclement weather.

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