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By Dr Jackie - Bribie Island Veterinarian and Yvonne Bishop

Pet care. Pets. Dog Parks. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Veterinary advice.

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Tags: Pet care. Pets. Dog Parks. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Veterinary advice.


By Yvonne Bishop

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What should the other owners do? The dogs that are in the park like to gather at the gate to see who is coming in and if your dog is new then it’s a good idea for the owners to move their dogs away from the gate to allow you and your dog space to enter.

What to do if a problem arises? Grab your dog and leave. Do not wait to see what may happen or to see if things will settle. If your dog is acting scared and running away from a dog or trying to get to you – leave. The owner/s of the dog/s that are the chasers etc then they should grab their dogs and put them on a lead and walk out. Otherwise, they are allowing their dogs to act inappropriately. This only reinforces their behaviour. The nervous dog will and can be more stressed if no action is taken.

Most important neither dog should ever be punished for their behaviours as it is normal pack mentality. It is better and safer to remove them. Most times these parks are wonderful experiences and nothing ever happens but unfortunately sometimes it can go wrong and dogs have been attacked in these environments and some even needing veterinary attention.


By Dr Jackie

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People and dogs are profoundly social beings. What makes us happy and healthy? What is “capital” to a social being? Plain, simple, social interaction! Pets give it to us and we give it back. Over 70% of Australian households have a pet. But pets are also a bridge to further social contact; they are icebreakers and overcome any foolish inhibitions we have towards interacting with other people.

For instance, pet ownership is an ideal way for migrants to integrate into any Australian community. Most people know my dog’s name but much fewer know mine. The level of concern people show for the welfare of pets is truly commendable.

Sometimes, I suspect, it is a guise for expressing welfare concerns for their human neighbours too. That is why clever town planning includes parks, enticing walks and dog off lead beaches and facilities.

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