From Carpet Bowls to Country Music

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

Carpet Bowls. Country Music. Clubs and groups. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Dancing Classes.

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Tags: Carpet Bowls. Country Music. Clubs and groups. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Dancing Classes.

Okay, so after a bit of confusion about what the correct name is, I think that we are now aware that what was once called The Golden Age Centre is now The Bribie Activity Centre or, to use the full title, Bribie District All Age Social Activities Inc. and as I have found out, the range of activities that take place at the centre is absolutely amazing. It seems to me that each day is full up but apparently appearances are deceiving and Sylvia Deakins was quick to set me straight.

Featured Image(above): Square Dancing

‘As well as there being opportunities for more activities at the centre, some of the numbers in the current groups are diminishing,’ said Sylvia. ‘All the groups who use the centre are ready to welcome new members otherwise if their numbers get too low, they might have to close and that would be a shame,’ she said.

There are activities at the centre each day and on some days, up to three different groups make use of the facilities. As well as carpet bowls (3410 7720), clogging (0407 651 770), square dancing (3408 3452), table tennis (3408 3846) and Zumba (0418 431 421), other activities include cued ballroom dancing (3408 2279), old-time and new vogue dance (0414 320 515), social dance (0403 314 773), advanced table tennis (3408 3884), and country music (0403 481 943). I almost forgot, there is hoy (0408 060 849) and a session that is called U Can Dance (0408 182 254) as well as dance practice (3408 4009).

This well-equipped centre which is situated in Arcadia Avenue at Woorim on what is referred to as State Trustee land was built many years ago with funds that were raised by the Lions Club of Bribie Island.

Country Music, Carpet Bowls

Until last year, it was essentially meant to be used by people aged from fifty years through to ninety but, due to having recognised a change in the local demographics and the added requirement for appropriate facilities, the organisation has made the centre available to all ages. Anyone who would like to find out more about the centre should call either Sylvia Deakins on 3408 3452 or Janice Brown on 0403 481 943 for details.

For information about one of the groups that operate at the centre, the number to call is listed beside the activities listed above.

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