Volunteer Drivers Needed

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander


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An early winter’s morning, the heater’s on and I am just driving a Toyota HiAce out onto a misty and almost deserted First Avenue for the Bribie Island Voluntary Community Help Association. I am a voluntary driver and have just departed the depot to commence picking up clients on Bribie and surrounding areas.

My passenger list includes those going to shopping centres, medical and dental establishments throughout Brisbane. Other volunteers, men and women will be driving to Brisbane, Caboolture, Redcliffe and North Lakes at various times throughout the morning. My friends ask, “Isn’t it stressful, driving through that peak hour traffic to Brisbane?” Well, I like it. This driving provides me with personal satisfaction from helping others who are restricted from travelling to social and medical appointments which are beyond their ability or means to attend. Bribie is a wonderful place to retire to, but as we age it becomes more difficult to cope with driving.

Also, public transport is so hard and time-consuming and frequently uncoordinated, whereas the volunteer transport provides a door to door service in all weather conditions. In this world of stress and worry, we often find relaxation by focusing on one activity such as painting, bowling, reading, fishing etc. Concentrating on one activity at a time provides time out from the pressures of life.

So, today I am focused on driving with my vehicle full of passengers on the highway and city roads which calls for constant attention to the traffic and road conditions ahead, and as crazy as it sounds, it is relaxing, no room for other thoughts or worries. Driving through heavy and congested traffic to reach various locations helps to build my self-confidence. A lack of confidence causes many drivers to avoid city driving, but with experience, you soon learn the best roads to travel and which lanes to drive in and when.

As I age I like to keep my mind busy with puzzles like sudoku, crosswords, etc, but I can assure you that driving in ever-changing conditions and destinations definitely keeps your mind active at all times. To be honest driving for the Bribie Island Voluntary Community Help Transport has greatly helped me as an individual to develop in many ways, as well as meeting many wonderful and appreciative people. I strongly recommend that you give it a go and see if you don’t find it equally as rewarding.



Bribie Island Community Help is after volunteers to assist our active aged and frail clients with door to door transport. We transport clients to Caboolture, Redcliffe, Northlakes and Brisbane. Volunteers are able to nominate their preferred driving location(s). We are seeking committed volunteers who can donate 5 to 8 hours per week. We are registered with Centrelink for those volunteers with Centrelink volunteering obligations. We have a fleet of 9 Toyota Commuter automatic mini-buses and we will provide training on driving the buses as well as orientation and ongoing support from our professional office staff.


• Must hold Australian or NZ Citizenship or the capacity to permanently work in Australia.

• Above 25 years of age due to insurance constraints.

• Be able to pass a driving record history check by Qld Transport.

• Be able to pass a criminal history background check.

• Have a minimum of an Australian Open “C” class license.

If you wish to apply or seek further information, you can email your details to [email protected] or call on 3408-0111.

The Associations receives funding from the Commonwealth Home Support Program, Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works and the Department of Communities to support our Service

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