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By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

pet care and exercise and sports. 

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FETCH With A Difference

Photos supplied by Deb Neill Photography

Whilst pet owners everywhere know that providing sufficient exercise is an important part of being a responsible pet owner, two Bribie Island residents have become involved in a rather unique sport which ensures that their dogs get all the exercise they need plus some. Brian Lees and Joel Neill along with their four-legged friends Stihllie, Basil and Trics are regular competitors in what is known as Canine Disc, a sport which, put simply, involves throwing a type of Frisbee and having the dog race to catch it.

Featured Image(above): What a catch

Canine Disc has been identified as having started in the very early 1970’s in the United States and has become increasingly popular in America over the decades. In Japan, the sport boasts over 3,000 competitors and there are also many enthusiasts in The Netherlands, Germany and Canada.

In Australia, Canine Disc is governed by Canine Disc Australia and there are inter-club competitions which are held throughout the year. Whilst Joel has only been competing for about four years, Brian has been involved with the sport since 2010 and, as a sign of their dedication, the two men and their beloved Border Collies have recently had success at the State Titles, taking out first place in all three of the disciplines. Joel told me that Canine Disc clubs exist throughout the country with South East Queensland having what is arguably the concentration. ‘There are clubs at Elimbah, Gympie, Pine Rivers and Toowoomba to name just a few,’ he said.

As with all sports, being a successful competitor involves spending a large amount of time on practice and the two men often take advantage of the great beach areas on the island to send their canine pals scurrying after the disc. In this modern day and age where people seem to have an ever decreasing amount of time for leisure activities that involve their pets, the sport of Canine Disc presents a refreshing opportunity for both people and their dogs to enjoy not only the exercise that comes as a natural part of the activity but also the added opportunity to further the bonding process that occurs between pets and their owners.

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