yowie big foot queensland bribie island

The Yowie of Bribie Island has been spotted (again) yesterday in the deep thick bush at the northern end of the island.

It has been said that the resident Yowie once tore an army Bloke to shreds many moons ago.

He can also climb to the top of a tall tree and back down again in 4.9 secs.

This folklore is a distant relative of the Star Wars character chewbacca and they used to live together on Bribie until Chewy landed the ‘dream job’ and headed off to the stars.

Someone told me many years ago that his name is David, yes David Yowie.


If you have any information regarding David Yowie then please get in contact with The Bribie Islander.

Please share this post ‘for awareness’


Today we had the opportunity to catch a rare glimpse of the Bribie Yowie, it's said to have Bribies well known Black Panther as its pet

Posted by Gateway Discovery Tours on Tuesday, January 1, 2019