It’s All About The Tecnology


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I guess that anyone who spotted a group of SES volunteers assembled at the front of the Wallum Action Group’s Bribie Community Nursery last week could be forgiven for thinking that they were there to deal with some type of emergency situation but, as this article will reveal, that was definitely not the case. Bribie Island SES members Jan Dwyer, Tracey Crees, Ian Moxham, Tash Barends and Jake Swallow were at the nursery to participate in a small ceremony that involved the presentation of three very hi-tech metal detectors which were paid for by the profits of plant sales at the nursery.

During the presentation, Wallum Action Group President David Wearne pointed out that, although the new detectors were considerably less expensive than some others on the market, they incorporated some of the latest technology which included being fully submersible and wifi capable as well as being able to penetrate up to ten metres underwater. ‘They also have the ability to detect a gold ring or a gold filling in someone’s tooth and this will be of extreme benefit when searching for a missing person,’ David explained.

SES volunteer Jan Dwyer told me that having the new metal detectors makes Bribie Island SES one of the most technologically advanced groups in the region. ‘We get to keep two of the three detectors that the Bribie Community Nursery has so generously donated and the third goes to Woodford SES,’ said Jan. ‘Because all the groups join together in any major search activities, that one will always be available if we need it,’ she added.

The presentation of the metal detectors has been just one of the instances in which the Wallum Action Group Bribie Community Nursery has used their funds to assist individuals in need or community organisations and these include the provision of many diabetes pumps, paying for the training of an assistance dog, sponsoring various community groups and a large donation to Camp Quality each year. All the plant sales profits are used to benefit the community within the local region.

The Community Nursery can be found on First Avenue next to the Orchid House and is open from 8 am to Noon each week day as well as on the first Saturday of each month. It is operated solely by a group of dedicated volunteers and has an incredibly large range of plants in stock. Anyone who would like to find out more about this great community organisation or perhaps enquire about becoming a volunteer should either visit the nursery or call 0407 699 953 for details.