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Tags: Technology. For the kids. Move over Netflix, a new streaming video service has arrived in Moreton Bay giving library members access to more than 30,000 films, kids programs and documentaries at their fingertips. A...
technology science mortality rates

TECHNOLOGY Just How Amazing Is It?

Tags: Technology. Science. Human life expectancy. Mortality rates among humans. I know that there are times when modern technology can be almost enough to turn anyone to hard liquor, especially when system failures result in...

The history of time – Science and History

Tags: Time, History. History of time. Life. IT’S ABOUT TIME For most of us, being able to divide each day into hours, minutes and seconds is just taken for granted and to a certain extent, it...

Technology and how it affects our life

Tags: Technology. Lifestyle. THE GOOD – THE BAD – AND THE DOWNRIGHT DISGRACEFUL The Good. As we all know, modern technology makes it easier to perform the everyday tasks that we face in our busy lifestyle....
Smart phones technology

Technology – Mobile phones & Health

Tags: Mobile phones Technology & Health MOBILES MIGHT NOT MELT YOUR BRAIN... YET In the continuing saga of “does it or doesn’t it” cause harm, there’s a report today showing “no evidence” that mobile phones cause...

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