The Long Way Around to Bribie – PAINTED

By Debra Mieth

Art. Artwork. Artist. Art Gallery. Bribie Island

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Tags: Art. Artwork. Artist. Art Gallery. Bribie Island

Most readers know the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre February Artist of the Month from her regular contributions to The Bribie Islander. What few may know is that she is an accomplished artist. And a few may not be aware that Sabine Von Graz has in fact completed her Long Way Round (Australia) to Bribie trip, and now resides with her well-travelled husband, Richard, and daughter, Ginger, on Bribie Island.

Art. Artwork. Artist. Art Gallery. Bribie Island

Sabine Von Graz

Apart from being one of The Arts Centre’s dedicated volunteers, Sabine also has an impressive studio at Unit 1, 13 Industry Drive in Caboolture. Here she may be found printing t-shirts, modelling clay into pots and plates, and producing her magnificent masterpieces among various other creative endeavours. Next time you are over that way, call in. Sabine’s Long Way Round to Bribie Artist of the Month Exhibition focuses upon incidents and events occurring during her trip around our smallest continent, largest island nation. Like journal entries or a pictorial diary, these events are painted on small square canvases in only four colours.

Art. Artwork. Artist. Art Gallery. Bribie Island

Yellow Kangaroo

Each painting depicts the impression that struck the family in a particular location. A little yellow plastic kangaroo found in a second-hand shop was the inspiration for many of her paintings and logos. It became the trip mascot. When I first met Sabina, the name with which she introduces herself, from the clothes she wore and these paintings, it was my thought these four colours were her favourites.

Art. Artwork. Artist. Art Gallery. Bribie Island

Burnett Heads

But after attending the opening of her studio, seeing there the brilliant pinks, yellows, burgundies and virtually all colours, I’m not so sure. It’s a question I’ll be asking her at the Artist of the Month Talk on Friday 8 February to which anyone interested in hearing Sabine talk is invited to come. It starts at 12:30 pm and is followed by morning tea. For catering purposes, it is advisable to ring to book at the phone number below. Sabine comes from famed artist stock in Austria, her mother being Professor Gerlinde Bartelt- Stelzer, easily found by Googling the name.

Art. Artwork. Artist. Art Gallery. Bribie Island


In her mother’s household, Sabine and her brother ‘lived and breathed art’, never, so she told me, having any intention of taking it up herself. Upon arrival in Australia however, Sabine started painting using the pixelated character of modern photographs. In addition, she has a curious way of combining the pixels into several subjects within the same work. The only means of appreciating her style is to see it yourself. She describes her art as ‘beauty with bite, bold images fused by a combination of pop art and photo-realistic images.’ How glad we are that this lady did choose to embark on an art Burnett Heads career, as her skill with a brush is unique.

Few of us artists could sit for the hours required to complete the detail in some of Sabina Von Graz’s paintings. The exhibition may be viewed at the Arts Centre on Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach throughout February. Any enquiries or bookings for the Artist of the Month morning tea may be made by ringing 07 3408 9288.

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