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Celebrities. Famous people. Actors. Princess Anne

Helly’s celebrities of the 20th century – Princess Anne

Tags: Celebrities. Famous people. Actors. Princess Anne MORE UNEXPECTED ROYAL MOMENTS Princess Anne They were the uninhibited, casual London days of the 60’s, when you bought public transport tickets for your dogs to take them on trains...
local musicians bribie island bands queensland

Local Entertainers and musicians – RICHIE LANGFORD

Tags: Musicians. Local Entertainers. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Blues music RICHIE LANGFORD Singer, songwriter and foot-stompin' blues man, Richie Langford hails from Melbourne and has been touring various parts of the country playing festivals, bars, cafes and...
Music. Musician. Bribie Island. Bands Brisbane

Local entertainers, Singers and bands – Bribie Island

Tags: Singers, Bands. Music. Local entertainers. Brisbane. Bribie Island. Musician Entertainers of the Island - Peter  Orr Wow, how quick do the months go by?. I have just realised that I have been featuring our locally...
Australian Musician Singers Songwriters Jessica Mauboy

Music Review – Jessica Mauboy – Australian Singer Songwriter

Tags: Music Review. Jessica Mauboy. Australian Singer Songwriter. Musician. Music. WE GOT LOVE: JESSICA MAUBOY When interviewed about her latest pop anthem, ‘We Got Love’, Jessica Mauboy said: “I wanted to write a song that captured...
famous people celebrities prince Charles

Celebrities and Famous People – Prince Charles

Tags: Celebrities. Prince Charles. Royalty. Royals. Prince. Famous people. HELLY’S CELEBRITIES OF THE 20TH CENTURY UNEXPECTED ROYAL MOMENTS With Helly Kemp What I loved so much about Prince Charles, when he was a young man in his twenties,...

Where would I be without music – Guitar

Tags: Guitar. Music. Music Instrument. WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT MUSIC As I suppose do many people, I absolutely love music, not just one particular style but many genres and these include country, pop, rock, folk...

Celebrities – David Niven

Tags: Celebrities. Famous people. Actors. David Niven HELLY’S CELEBRITIES OF THE 20TH CENTURY Thanks to Lindsay Betremieux, one of Dr. Laurence Khoo’s delightful receptionists at his Welsby Parade Medical Centre in Bongaree, you can now share this...
keith urban

Music Review for Keith Urban

Tags: Music review. Keith Urban. Music. County and Western Music Music Review for Keith Urban No, Keith Urban’s latest hit single, “Parallel Line”, is not an ode to mathematical concepts, but rather in regard to two...
Local Entertainers

Local Music Band and Event

Tags: Local Music Event. Music. Local Entertainers. Shave for a mate fundraiser. WHAT A DAY!! - Local Music Event After a few nervous days waiting for the weather to improve, it was decided to call off...
ingers. Songwriters. Entertainers.  Musicians. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Queensland

Nikita – Local Singer and Songwriter

Tags: Singers. Songwriters. Entertainers.  Musicians. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Queensland Entertainers of the Island Nikita Chee I have discovered that one of the most common talents that are shared by many popular entertainers is the ability to be...

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