The Mathew Flinders Art Gallery, another exhibition

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

Mathew Flinders Art Gallery

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As a timely follow up to the Mathew Flinders Art Prize exhibition, the Mathew Flinders Gallery at the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre is currently featuring more than one hundred works by artists aged from eight to eighteen in the Next Generation Art Prize which is on display in the gallery until September 8th.

Featured Image(above): Melissa Parker, winner 8 – 11 age with Absorbed in Tech (1)

There is no doubt that competition judges Sabine Von Graz, Kerry Gear and Tim Davis were faced with a difficult task when deciding which of the many outstanding works deserved to be named as worthy of a prize. On the opening night of the exhibition, prizes for the three age groups were awarded by Division One Councillor Brooke Savige, Member for Pumicestone Simone Wilson and Member for Longman Susan Lamb. In the eight to eleven section, ten-year-old Melissa Parker’s cleverly constructed sculpture “Absorbed in Tech” was judged as the winner whilst Charlie Bennett received the prize for second with his self-portrait painting “Mr Unique” and third place was awarded to Tobi Owen for his eerily accurate watercolour, “Wolf.”

Mathew Flinders Art Gallery

1st 17 & 18 age Jetlag by Lexie Waddell-Bajor

Mathew Flinders Art Gallery

2nd prize 17 & 18 age Hibiscus by Wakana Mori smaller

SaBelle Pobjoy-Sherriff was the winner in the twelve to sixteen category with her unique entry “Odyssey Oil Spill” and Aisha Waver’s painting “Fountain of Youth” got the judges’ nod for second with Toby Newell picked up third spot for his sketch of a refugee child titled “Home.” A montage of stamped passport pages entitled “Jetlag” earned Lexie Waddell-Bajor of Sandstone Point first prize in the seventeen and eighteen age group over second place getter Wakana Mori’s delicate floral painting “Hibiscus” and the judges named Amy Henderson as third place getter for “Isolated Paradise.”

Mathew Flinders Art Gallery

1st 12 – 16 age Odyssey oil spill by Sabelle Pobjoy-Sherriff

Mathew Flinders Art Gallery

The Golden Swan Recycled Art 1st by Ashton Longman-Hayes smaller

Ashton Longman-Hayes was the winner of the Recycled Art section with “Golden Swan,” a work fashioned from a disused saxophone. A Highly Commended award went to Jimbelle Euseido for “Sense of Place” with Shaylin Fairweather and Cloe Kokaev both receiving a commended for their works. Next Generation Art Prize organisers Lynne Smith and Sarah Cave were absolutely delighted with the response from young artists who were from as far away as Goodna. Anyone who would like to have their say in the people’s choice award may do so by casting their vote at the Arts Centre.

Mathew Flinders Art Gallery

Sabine Von Graz judge

A full list of winners, placegetters and commended awards is available on the website In keeping with the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre’s reputation for featuring a constant succession of great exhibitions in the Mathew Flinders Gallery, a group of twenty artists from the area have come together to produce “Salt,” a variety of works including pottery, mosaics and paintings which will be in the gallery from September 10th until September 23rd with the opening being on September 14th.

Local artist Cheryl Mortimer explained that this group of artists have explored and interpreted their “Salt” topic in association with the idea that “Life’s a Beach.” For further information about any of the activities that the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre has to offer, or to enquire about becoming a volunteer, a call to 3408 9288 or a visit to the centre at Sunderland Drive in Banksia will provide all the details.

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