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Dianne Butler an Accredited New Body Therapist facilitates sessions utilising high-frequency medicine tools like Sound, Liquid light energy & doTerra essential oils. New Body Therapy addresses all areas of the body. It incorporates gentle touches on the body to reset your bodies program and sings it back to normality. It assists you to relieve stress, reduce pain and eases symptoms of back issues. Dianne often incorporates essential oils and loves the diversity in uses of these oily gifts from Mother Earth. The oils dance in your body and environment and create a new song! We are all in the driver’s seat when it comes to our health and well-being. Selfcare is crucial.

Dianne says “Look at your life and detox all that is holding you back. These are powerful times. We all have Room to Heal, and I will lovingly hold space for you in your individual wellness journey.”

Dianne and her partner Bruce are honoured to assist with your point of pain. “We will ask you to watch, listen and feel as the oils and energy work in concert and harmony with your body.”

Dianne began using oils when her daughter who had digestive issues was going into the Amazon Jungle as part of her University studies. The universe aligned when Dianne met a lady at the markets who introduced her to the use of essential oils and shared how they healed her IBS & so she left with a sample oil to try (Digestzen). Digestzen became the number one go-to oil for all tummy issues!

Dianne is an energy facilitator, healer and light weaver and therefore listening to the voice and sound of the beautiful plants and the magic in their oils was a natural step for her. She has always trusted the earth so by simply adding a few drops each day, she saw the miracles in her life, whether it be social, emotional, physical and/or mental.

It became Dianne’s privilege to share the amazing benefits everyone could enjoy. If you have a friend or family member using doTerra oils, then join them and start your journey too. If you do not have a contact then it would be our honour to initiate your journey to wellness using these high-frequency gifts. Book a session and experience singing your body into a new frequency. Mention this article and receive $5 off your first session. Session’s available: New Body Therapy – a vibrational holistic approach to health $55 Symphony of the Cells protocols with oils applied to spine and feet -$80 Combination treatment with oils applied to feet only and new body therapy -$65

Contact: – www.songdahla.com.au
Email [email protected]
Or text Dianne Butler on 0417-263-425