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Simone Laurens is participating in The World’s Greatest Shave on March 13th to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation in the hope of providing much-needed support for the 47 Aussies diagnosed with blood cancer every day!.

Each year Simone tries her best to support 3 different charities through fundraising, time or raising awareness.

Simone knows a few people who are unfortunately affected by blood cancer, receiving treatment or in remission. When talking to one of them, they were telling her the statistics which are that 47 Aussies are diagnosed with blood cancer daily and she was gobsmacked. Simone started researching and found the cost of the related treatments, accommodation away from home, research projects etc. Simone knew she wanted to help, but wasn’t sure exactly how until she remembered “Shave for a cure” now called The World’s Greatest Shave was related to the Leukaemia Foundation. After googling it, she signed up immediately, setting a goal to raise $2000 which would help fund a breakthrough research project for one week and was pleased to know she could also donate her hair to help make a wig for a cancer patient suffering from hair loss due to treatment.

Simone figures losing her hair by choice, to help those who don’t have a choice, is the least she can do. Simone said, “It will grow back and it gives me a chance to remember what my natural hair colour is these days!” Due to COVID, this will likely take place via live streaming on Facebook.

Raffle tickets are available now until March 12th for $5 each.There is over $2000 in prizes and they will be drawn on March 13th at the time of doing the shave. Tickets can be purchased by emailing: simonelaurens20@

Shave will take place at 11am on 13th March at Botanical Bar at Bribie RSL.