Relaxing Rainbows


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Relaxing Rainbows is a new business on Bribie Island that offers art and mindfulness workshops and activities for children aimed at increasing children’s well-being, positivity and confidence. Relaxing Rainbows are currently offering after school term workshops (usually 10 week School Term programs), individual child sessions and school holiday workshops.

Children will be taught breathing techniques, with a focus on calming the mind and being present in the moment. These workshops are taught in a relaxed environment and are aimed at training the mind to improve positive emotions and thoughts, easing anxiety and enhancing feelings of social connectedness and happiness. My goal is to relax children so they shine bright in their uniqueness and fill their session with fun, joy, creativity and relaxation.

I have a passion for working with children and helping them develop positive self-esteem and feel good about themselves.

The Relaxing Rainbows Children’s Workshops incorporates short mindfulness activities, a guided meditation, mindful breathing, movement activities such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi and creative art activities. Each terms program will have a focus on a different positive emotion: This term is gratitude.

TERM 1 Art activities involve exploration with clay, embossing, ink and patterning designed to suit children. Art activities may be altered slightly to suit the needs and interests of the children throughout the term as these workshops are an opportunity for children to explore, experiment and express individuality in a fun creative space. Some activities may contain Island styling to create a sense of community and are adapted to extend knowledge and appreciate the beautiful island setting. It makes my heart truly happy when I hear that children have made something special and chosen to give one of their creations to someone they love. As a child, I made lots of homemade gifts for my family and was encouraged by my mother Dawn Kilshaw to create and experiment and as a result, I took great pride in my artwork. I once gave my Nan, Ruve Jamieson, now deceased, a hand-painted rock that she treasured for years in a gift box and showed to be as a young adult with pride. I believe gifts made with love are from the heart.

The Relaxing Rainbows business can be found on Facebook or you can contact Helen Spink on 0407048420 to enrol your child into one of the workshops or to be placed on the waiting list. After school term workshops are targeted at children aged 5 and over. If you think your child would benefit from being immersed in Art and Mindfulness activities for a term, please express your interest. Term 2 workshop from April to June theme will be nature/ environment and art activities will be linked in with this. Well Being Focus: Loving Kindness.

EASTER SCHOOL HOLIDAY Mindfulness and Art Workshops include:
1. Easter egg decorating and character egg designing
2. Big Sis/Little Sis matching earring workshops or mother and daughter workshops
3. Sunshine “I am amazing” canvas painting
4. Shimmery sun catcher
5. Crystal necklace making
6. Card making and affirmation cards.

I have found some children get together a group of friends and enrol in the holiday workshop together whilst the mums have a coffee catch up, knowing their children are well looked after. These holiday workshops have also attracted grandparents who have family visiting who have chosen to put their grandchild into a workshop for some fun and creating during their day.

Some Reviews about Relaxing Rainbows:
“My girls had the best time. They have been talking about it all day. Thank you for creating such a nurturing space for them xo.

Jane Gilbey

“Xavier absolutely loved your workshop. He wanted to go back the next day. Can’t wait for some more workshops next holidays.

Thank you, Helen.

Renee Ziu