Locals Only – Blueys Hotel Whats on Nov 2018

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The first Saturday in October saw the postponed show from the Sunday before, which was rained out. The organisers were expecting a low key affair due to it’s being on a different day. It was a fantastic afternoon for all concerned, performers and audience alike. A large crowd saw acts such as Frilly, a duo and Saul Calikes from Cool Coda perform. Enough cannot be said about Matterson Knyvett who operated the sound all day.

When each act is using different instruments, perform differing genres of music and volumes, a great sound technician is a great asset. Erin May will be launching their CD at Blueys the first Saturday in December. More details to follow. Looking forward to hearing the new line up in the relatively new band “Black Adder”. Locals Only finally happened on the day it was supposed to. It had been cancelled two months running before a special Saturday show so it was great to be back to normal.

The show promised to be a special one and the weather left us alone. Some of the highlights of the day were a beautiful duo called “Dreadfully Bald” who’ve had a couple of hiccups in getting to Blueys for the day over the past couple of months. And it was really worth the wait. Another duo named “Frolly” featuring Amanda Jones and Frank Sover were really impressive both duos taking out the performers of the day prize. Big shout out to Dan Burns who’s taken to his hosting duties very well.

One of the many highlights of the day was the appearance of Sam Fall, one of the Friday night popular performers,who brought her sister, Jackie and our old mate Grant Daniel to do a quick set. These folks are very entertaining and have assured us that they will come back to grace the Locals stage next month.

Sam wanted to have a chance to perform with the backing band but time got away and there was not much of a chance to organise a couple of songs. The next Show will be held on the 25th November beginning at 1pm. There will be a few new artists who will be performing including a new young band, a shy son of an old face from Locals and Dreadfully Bald. Blueys humbly requests that patrons be mindful of our neighbours when leaving the venue to continue to present live Local music. Check the Blueys websites for other functions.

Upcoming Events

  • 16th November. Grant Daniel. Not to be missed.! 5 pm – 9 pm.
  • 23rd November. Alexis Sawford singer/ guitarist. Very entertaining. 5pm – 9pm.
  • 25th November. The Locals Only Show. Hosted by Dan Burns and featuring many acts over 4 hours. All welcome.1pm – 5pm.
  • 30th November. Sam Fall. 5pm – 9pm.
  • 1st December. CD launching of Erin May’s debut recordings. Everyone welcome.

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