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The following supplied article from John Boland offers a warning to our readers when sourcing their tradespeople from social media to adhere to the old adage Caveat emptor – “Let the buyer beware” and on a positive note that there are some really decent people in our community. Here’s John’s tale in his own words…. Recently we had to engage a tradesman to replace the dividing fence between the neighbour and us as it had past it used by date. (Some could say a bit like me). Taking responsibility to project manage I sought quotes through a trades site on the Internet for fencers.

Featured Image(above): Jonathon Huston our “Guardian Angel”

Two trades persons made contact and times were set for a quotation. Neither turned up so I commented on Facebook of my disappointment. As a result, there were three responses within a short time frame and times were set for quotations. The first guy was way over the mark as I had a fair idea of costs as I replaced fencing last year. The second person arrived with his wife and three kids sleeping in the car.

Being parents of four and grandparents to seven were decided to go with the young guy as it was just before Christmas and paid a deposit via EFT. On Wednesday 12 our “builder” rocked up around 11 am to start the job. By 4 pm I’d paid him the remainder of the bill in cash not taking too much notice workmanship (or lack of). After he left I discovered that not only was it not on the boundary line but was as crooked as a seaman’s leg, not bedded, palings at all angles and generally shoddy work. (There are other major issues that can’t be mentioned however they are under police investigation).

He decamped in such a hurry he even left his wheelbarrow behind. After running the issue on Facebook showing the “mess” left behind my faith in mankind has been restored. Jonathon Huston (QBCC License 15022051, ABN 20419979871) lobbed on our front door and informed that he would replace the fence the next day at cost. I don’t believe in “Fairy Godmothers” but my “Guardian Angel” is a bloody good bloke. If there were more people like Jonathan Huston in the world it would be a much better place. To my unregistered builder, I look forward to our date at QCAT. My lesson from this is to ensure that any tradesperson you engage is registered with the appropriate authorities and has an ABN as a business.

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