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By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

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A local politician once made the comment to me that this island survives because of its volunteers and as far as I’m concerned, never a truer word was spoken. Over the time that I have been writing articles for both The Mini Bribie Islander and The Bribie Islander, I have been privileged to tell the story of so many volunteers within the local community who give freely of their time to improve the life of others and whilst talking to these dedicated people, I have gained an insight into just what it is that drives them when they commit to whatever task is required without the benefit of any financial reward or in many instances, any recognition for their efforts.

Whilst each person who becomes a volunteer has their own specific reasons for doing so, they all share a willingness to undertake a service and a belief that they are capable of inciting change and making progress. In most situations, volunteering means working side by side with others and this connects them to other human beings as they are working toward a common goal.

Volunteers have their own skill set and for someone to gain a sense of satisfaction from what they offer, it is a wise idea to volunteer in a position that makes use of those skills, meaning that the cause they are working for also receives the most benefit as well. All of the wonderful volunteers who I have talked to tell me that they always feel good when they can put a smile on someone’s face and in my opinion, that is the true meaning of making a difference.

Within our community, there are many organisations that continue to operate due to the commitment of volunteers and anyone who is thinking about dedicating some of their time to help the community should perhaps contact one of the organisations listed below. I should point out that this list does not mention all the opportunities for volunteering.

  • The Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre Ph 3408 8440,
  • Wallum Action Group Community Nursery Ph 0407 699 953,
  • Bribie Island Community Arts Centre Ph 3408 9288,
  • Bribie Island and District Community Appeal Ph 0409 583 928,
  • Lions Club of Sandstone Point Ph 0427 033 365.

As I have said, that is not even close to being a complete list of organisations who support the community but is an indication of places which need volunteers. Remember, it is important to devote your time to doing something that you enjoy, therefore ensuring that all involved receive the most benefit. If anyone would like to know about other volunteering opportunities, they are welcome to give me a call on 0448 932 484.

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