Taking pets on overseas holiday

By Yvonne Bishop

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It is becoming more and more popular to take your dog on holidays with you. But what happens if it’s a plane trip you want to do? Only service dogs are allowed to stay in the cabin with their owners all others must be placed in cargo. Most airlines in Australia will take your dog.

First thing is to get him vet checked to make sure he is fit and healthy. Next, is to get a crate that is large enough for him, you can buy or hire them. If you have time familiarise your dog with it by letting him sleep inside it. Best time to fly is either early morning or late afternoon, to minimise heat stress as there is no air conditioning inside the cargo section of the plane. You need to arrive up to two hours before departure and to save time do the paperwork online.

Very important do not medicate your dog. As they need to maintain normal breathing and it is important to be able to tell if the dog is sleepy or sick. On the day of travel give them plenty of opportunities to exercise and go to the toilet before handing them over. If you are traveling overseas, check quarantine laws here and in the country visiting to see if it’s worth taking your pet.

Also, check on vaccinations for eg do they need rabies shots entering the USA? Information can be found online and through Dept of Agriculture website especially on re-entering. Some countries once you arrived and need to fly domestically will allow your dog in the cabin. Some airlines such as KLM, Air France, United Airlines and US Airways will let small pets inside the cabin. A few years ago I took a return flight from Vancouver to Creston, Canada.

It was 1.5-hour flight. First flight one of the passengers was a Miniature Poodle, who sat on his owner’s lap and never made a sound. On the way back was a Border Collie, who sat on the floor and was no trouble at all. Do your homework beforehand.

If you have read my articles on dogs in Europe, you will know how easy it is to go around with your dog. This is ideal if you choose to travel for a few months if its only short term then maybe best to leave behind as they may spend longer in quarantine here than on holidays.

If you are leaving them remember I look after dogs in my home and they are treated as my own.

My repeat houseguests see my home as their second home.

Another website to check is https://www.ipata.org/, stands for International Pet and Animal Transportation Association.

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