Cyclone Oma. Weather.

Tags: Cyclone Oma. Weather.

Cyclone Oma is currently situated about 300km south-west of Vanuatu heading in a southwesterly direction.

Featured Image(above): Satellite imagery of cyclone Oma in the coral sea

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a dangerous surf and swells warning as the Category 3 system approaches for Tuesday Evening which you can find here

At this stage, cyclone Oma has about a 20 – 30% chance of impacting the southern Queensland coastline.

The weather models are split as to which direction it will take, it could head towards the south-east of Queensland, or toward New Zealand.

Cyclone Oma. Weather.

Image is taken from for Sunday 24 Feb 2019

If cyclone Oma does impact the Queensland coast, it will be a direct impact by a category 1 or 2 system and will cause torrential rain and destructive winds up to 130 km per hour.

As it is still too far to tell what the system will do, this article is an alert, not an imminent warning.  Please stay updated at Higgins Storm Chasing for further updates, this article will also be updated as to the progress of the system.

Check out this infrared imagery of the cyclone

Cyclone Oma. Weather.

Possible cyclone tracks taken from

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