cyclone oma, seq weather queensland severe

Cyclone Oma Update

Severe weather warning for SE Queensland

Cyclone Oma is still heading in a South West direction slowly.

If a coastal crossing does eventuate, we will see between 90 – 130km/h destructive wind gusts and gale force sustained wind gusts of around 70km/h.

Also, expect between 200mm and 1300mm of torrential rain over a 2-5 day period, most likely causing severe flooding and inundation(due to the ground being so dry).

Coastal areas will experience a 3-5 meter storm surge and more on exposed beaches and coasts, that could cause severe erosion, inundation of low lying areas and flooding.

Dangerous surf conditions with waves reaching a potential 10 meters on exposed beaches and coast.

Currently, more models are starting to suggest that it may hit the southern Queensland coast anywhere from Gladstone to the Gold coast.

Yesterday it was between 40% it has risen to 50% chance it will impact the Queensland coast.

If the cyclone impacts the SE coast there will be severe to disastrous flooding and wind damage experienced from about the sunshine coast to far north NSW.

This article is intended to be a “be prepared just in case” warning that is it definitely possible that this severe weather event may happen.

If the system does cross the coast, the most severe impacts will likely begin between Sat 23 Feb and Tues 26 Feb.  Lesser effects such as dangerous surf will start later today(Tues) and strong to gale force winds will start occurring from about late Wednesday onward, as the system makes it’s way closer to the Queensland coast.

Latest update video from Higgins Storm Chasing


SEVERE TC OMA UPDATE & FORECAST: Current worst case scenario & most likely scenario for SEQLD. 8:40pm 19/2/19

Posted by Higgins Storm Chasing on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

cyclone oma, seq weather queensland severe

Image show potential wind gust upwards of 121 km/h. taken from

cyclone oma, seq weather queensland severe

Image show potential rain totals over 3-4 days in excess of 600mm, and up to 1000mm plus on the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

cyclone oma, seq weather queensland severe

Latest cyclone track ensemble taken from